Amazon Finds you NEED for the Art Room

1. Condiment Squeeze Bottles

These are a must in my classroom! For instance, I use them for our paint and it makes accessibility much easier for students. You can find a pack of 12 on Amazon for $44. I promise you it is worth it. Paint does not get stuck and dry at the top and it comes out easily. 


2. Fast Food Trays

We use these trays to put paint on. I have them next to a tub of aluminum foil on my paint table. We use the aluminum foil to cover the tray first, then put paint on. This makes for an easy clean up and storage. For some classes that will be using the same paint the next day, we cover the top with foil and it stores great. Paper trays work great as well but I found these to be an investment as they last longer and I am not throwing them away as much as I was the paper trays. 

3. Books Bins

These bins have been used for a variety of things in my classroom. However, lately i have loved storing my paint in them. You could do this my color as I do which makes for an easy clean up as students can quickly identify where the paint goes. I set these on my paint table and will put a student in charge of re organizing it every now and then. I have also used these for storing sketchbooks before which worked great as well! 


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