3 Activities to Make Art Class Fun

Having fun in the art room is an essential ingredient in the creative process. What’s art class without the fun? Whether it’s the end of the year or just the beginning, having your students excited to come to class will not only make your life easier but also more fun! Here are three fun activities you can do at any point in the year to get the creative ball rolling.

1. Collaborative Group Projects- Recreate a famous painting

For this project have students get into groups, give them a large sheet of painting paper and have them re create a famous work of art. For instance, we put a modern twist on ours as you can see our “Vsco girl” inspired twist to A Girl With a Pearl Earring painting by Johannes Vermeer. 

2. Aluminum Foil Prints

Take sheets of aluminum foil, a little bit larger than a sheet of paper and have students color the aluminum sheet with markers. Then, have them stick to either a warm or cool color scheme, this will prevent colors mixing and making brown. Fill a spray bottle with water and wet the sheet of aluminum foil make the colors bleed. Place a blank sheet of paper on top and press down and gently massage the paper onto the watered aluminum colored sheet! Gently peel up and see the wonderful works of art! In addition to this you could have them do sharpie designs on top to add to it!

3. Mini Museums

Last but not least, my students loved this project! This could be done as a group project or individually. All you will need is 3 pieces of cardboard cut up however big or large you want the museum to be. (I made these beforehand for the students but you could always have them build them themselves). You will need two sides and a bottom floor. We used old scrap book paper for the walls and floors and I had mini canvas’ they could use to hang on the walls. They were to have at least one famous work of art featured in their museum! Other fun items you could use is modeling clay to make sculptures, pipe cleaners for ropes etc. This is a great end of the year project! 


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