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I am pleased to announce that I have had the privilege to collaborate with The Birmingham Museum of Art, located in Birmingham Alabama. One of the reasons I decided to take this step is because they are passionate about incorporating works from their museum into teacher resources that can be used in the classroom. And I am all about the teacher help! I also thought this was a great way to incorporate different works of art in my own classroom. The Birmingham Museum of Art has their own teacher resources page where you can download worksheets that feature works of art from their various collections. I have created exclusive flip books focused on two works in the BMA’s collection: Le Matin, temps brumeux, Pourville (Misty Morning at Pourville) by French artist Claude Monet and Odori (Dancing), from Momoyogusa (A World of Things), Volume 2 by Japanese artist Kamisaka Sekka. Both flip books are a fun and interactive way to build formal analysis skills while also igniting curiosity in your students. 

Who is this resource for?

Any and all grade level teachers who are looking to empower students to interpret art through their lens, research an artist and their work and help build critical thinking skills! This can be used at home or in the classroom. Check out their teacher resource page and download the free pdf.  Link belo!


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