Underwater Collage

This is a fun lesson to use when you have a ton of left over painted paper! I use this lesson to teach collage and watercolor techniques! In this free download you will get an underwater creatures template for students to look at for inspiration as well as instructions and guides to teach this lesson. 

Materials: Liquid Watercolor, Watercolor paper, salt, sharpie, aluminum foil, markers, spray bottle of water, under water creatures template

Have students use marker to color on top of a sheet of aluminum foil. We did a few sheets with a cool color scheme and a few with warm. (Just make sure that they do not use complimentary colors next to each other as it will turn brown when they mix together with the water). Next students sprayed their colored aluminum sheets with water making it runny. Have students press a sheet of paper on top of the aluminum foil! These will be the sheets that students use for the under water creatures that will be cut and glued onto the final paper. 

For the background we used a wet on wet technique where students wet their paper first, and then added liquid watercolors to get a pretty watery effect (we used cool colors here as it is an underwater scene). On a separate sheet we did the same thing except using brown and yellows for the ocean floor. Students could cut out their landscape of the sea floor however they choose. 

Examples of our prints 


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