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Hi! I am Maddison Umberger, I am a k-8 art educator and teacherpreneur! My first year of teaching began in the year 2020 and as March came around I quickly had to become resourceful and think outside the box! I began creating my own resources that were engaging and creative while at the same time provide an at home learning experience. During that time I created my own Facebook group of art teachers I began sharing these resources with other art educators and it quickly blossomed into a love of developing lessons and worksheets that can help other teachers!
"To my mind a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful and pretty. There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is, without creating still more of them."
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Art in all its various forms has always held a special place in my heart! As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate the beauty around as well as within. I work at a private Christian school and below you will see my classroom which has become my second home! We make art with our hands and heart and here in my classroom we have come to love this quote by Francis A. Schaeffer,  “As a Christian we know why a work of art has value. Why? First, because a work of art is a work of creativity, and creativity has value because God is the Creator. The first sentence in the Bible is the declaration that the Creator created: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”. Check out my blog to see more of what we do in our classroom!

my classroom